Set sails with us towards the infinite horizon. Every day will be unique, special and after a week full of experiences you will feel like you spent a month with us. Discover with us romantic anchorages, listen to the wind playing in the rigging, swim in the bays with turquoise water, and in the evening let yourself be carried away by the memories of the past day life adventures with glass of wine.

For everyone

Thanks to 10 years of experience, we are able to prepare an experience for everyone, regardless of age or experience. We approach all your wishes and possibilities individually so that expeditions and cruises with us will be enjoyed by both complete beginners and people with experience. The only prerequisite is a determination to experience something new. It will be a pleasure for us to arrange the rest.



We design and organize all expeditions, holidays, cruises and other events for you with the utmost respect for the environment. Part of our adventures is discovering ways haw to travel in a way that puts as little strain on nature as possible. From the use of purely local ingredients, through the use of public transportation to the cleaning of beaches.