greetings from Tom a Maria – Serenity Explorers, two enthusiasts for each adventure, and for sailing one especially.

Our beginnings
When we first time sailed out on the sea 10 years ago, it turned our life over. We have been enraptured not only by the infinite horizon, freedom of choice but also by the close connection with nature on which we were dependent. The experience was so strong that we wanted to share it with all the people around us. Since then, we have spent every summer at sea and with us, we have taken our friends first, then friends of friends and finally all the others who wanted to join us. We saw how is one by one touched and become charmed, just like we, and how this experience positively changed their life. And we realized that positive life change is something we can help others with. It becomes our purpose to allow all people regardless of age, physical disposition, character or experience, the same amazement by nature, and through this intimate contact with it, to show people how to find peace in a hectic time, get to know themselves a bit better and push their boundaries. That’s why we have founded the Serenity Explorers.

Life change called Midnight Blue


As life went by and more and more sea salt circulated in our blood 🙂 we decided to make a life decision. We discarded our everyday lives and certainty, left a warm apartment in Prague, moved to Denmark to the sea, risked everything and bought our own boat called “Midnight Blue”. All our efforts and life energy have been fully focused on organizing sail trips and other adventures for others.


What you will find on this site


We would like this site to help this goal as well. Either by motivating you to fulfill your dreams and pluck up the courage to you to go on an adventure with us. Or if, for any reason, you cannot sail, to bring the sea, through photos, videos, and our narration, to your home.

Tom Brazdil a Mari Magdalena Halatova.