The word "Serenity", derived from the Latin "serene", describes a state of mind that is filled with inner peace and serenity.


Today's times are very hectic. Full of deadlines, stress, and hustle and bustle. Because of this, we often lose our mental balance and awareness of our own worth/value and our place in the world. All this leads to the loss of the meaning of life and the joy of it.


That's why we have made a resolution to help you change that. Like the ancient Explorers, we set out together during our voyages to explore and discover the uncharted or lost places of our minds in order to find our inner peace and harmony.

However, finding a way to yourself is very difficult. We have found that one must first purposefully lose oneself - shake off and discard the limitations, demands, and all sorts of worries that life and society often artificially create and which and burden our lives. One should regularly set out on a journey, discover new horizons and explore what lies beyond the horizon. The logo in the compass reminds us not to forget to go outside the edge of the map of our ordinariness.

But we need the courage to do that. Courage to leave our comfort zone, go to new places and try things we have never done. The jumping whale represents this courage. She goes beyond the borders of her world so that she can breathe freely. The sight of her adds a determination to be like her. The reward for this courage is that we develop, we liberate our hearts, it allows us to spread our wings, gain respect for ourselves and our talents, and understand the meaning of our lives in the real world.

To truly know our place in the world, we must also understand our roots. We need to return to nature. Not only have natural landscapes had a healing effect on the human soul since time immemorial, but they also teach us humility. They set rules and challenges. If we submit to and accept them, we return to our biological nature and can establish an intimate relationship with ourselves, other people, and nature. The mountain in the logo is a reminder of all this. It reminds us to go back to nature from time to time and find ourselves in it. And most importantly, it reminds us that without respect for nature, without efforts to protect and preserve it, we lose a part of ourselves.

None of the above can work alone. Courage without a journey to embark on is useless. It is impossible to embark on a journey without courage. And without accepting our natural nature, our journey cannot be realized. Therefore, the logo forms one large, indivisible, harmonious whole. A coherent philosophy of embarking boldly on a journey into pure untainted nature where we find inner peace and tranquility. And a reason to strive to protect nature so that we don't lose this opportunity.