Very often we are asked whether and how demanding cruises are. To make it easier to find the most suitable trip for you, we have come up with a difficulty scale that should inform you about what to expect from a particular cruise. We sincerely hope that it will help you decide which adventure to take with us. We would also be very happy for any other suggestions in the comments on this post.
The difficulty scale has five levels. Thus, each cruise will have one of these grades or a range of grades. The higher the number of the scale, the more demanding the cruise (and the associated activities) is for the body and psyche of the crew. Although most cruises are fully adapted to the physical and mental capabilities of the crew members concerned and all difficulty levels, including the highest, are basically achievable by all people who are naturally fit, we recommend that the difficulty of the cruise be taken into account. When considering this, think about your health limitations and the state of your physical and mental state. Only an honest and realistic assessment of yourself will lead to your maximum enjoyment of the cruise and an unforgettable positive experience. Both yours and those of the other members of your crew.

1 (easiest) to 5 (hardest). The higher the number, the more challenging the voyage.

1 -Everyone with any experience can handle the cruise and it is suitable for smaller children accompanied by their parents. No difficult conditions are expected during the cruise. Sailing between the islands usually does not exceed 3 hours. Overnight stays are usually made in ports or at anchor without the need for night watches. Additional activities are mostly swimming, sightseeing in port towns or shorter trips without elevation gain up to a maximum of 5 km. 

2 -A relatively easy cruise that can be done even by people with no experience. It is also suitable for older children (12 years and older) accompanied. Some of the sections can be up to 6 hours long. Sailing in difficult weather conditions is not expected. It is optional to include one night passage to add variety to the cruise. Overnight stays take place not only in ports but also in the wild nature with the occasional need for keeping night watches. Accompanying program with an optional addition of more challenging activities that can be handled by an average fit person who at least occasionally practices hiking or recreational sports.
3 -A coastal cruise in the vicinity of land, comprising 2 - 3 daylong (by day meaning 24 hours) legs. These one-day legs are usually separated by a shorter cruise or trip ashore. During a daylong cruise, full crew interaction and rotation on watches and in other activities is required. Even people with no experience can handle the cruise, but any previous experience can be an advantage. Severe weather conditions are not expected, but cannot be ruled out either, in which case a shorter (3-6 hours) more challenging voyage to the nearest port is expected. Apart from a few nights in ports, overnight stays are often in the wild nature at anchor with night watches required. Accompanying activities may include day hikes with greater elevation gain. They may also be simpler "secured routes" in the mountains.
4 - Already quite a challenging cruise. It may involve a two-day ocean crossing, where we may lose sight of land for several hours and where a shift watch system must be put in place. A certain amount of autonomy is expected from all involved and more consistent implementation of the captain's orders. For this reason, great emphasis is placed on initial training in the early days of the voyage and more time is devoted to it. Apart from ports, overnight stays are often either underway or at anchor in the wild nature. In both the latter cases, night watches are required. Sailing in difficult weather conditions cannot be ruled out completely. The program includes two-day and multi-day hikes in the mountains requiring adequate physical fitness, experience, independence, or other skills.

5 - Physically and mentally very demanding expedition cruise. The voyage includes several days of nonstop sailing through ocean conditions without land sight or any outside assistance. Ideally, some previous sailing experience is a prerequisite for participation. Required activities include, but are not limited to, attendance at introductory and educational meetings hosted by the cruise captain and assistance with expedition preparation. During the voyage, there is a continuous holding of watch shifts, full participation in the leadership of the voyage, and management of the ship in all weather conditions. The crew is expected to carry out the captain's orders and decisions completely and consistently. The accompanying program may include several days of "hard" crossings in rough terrain or with high elevation. Although people with no previous sailing experience may apply, the final assessment of suitability for participation and acceptance into the crew is entirely at the discretion of the expedition captain. (Even in the case of individuals with previous sailing experience.)

It is also the case that, if all involved agree, some of the lower difficulty cruises can be modified and added to suitably meet the expectations of the more skillful and adventurous crew. However, the reverse (reducing a higher difficulty to a lower one) is not true.

If, even after reading the previous, you are still on the fence about whether your chosen cruise is for you or if you are eager to join a more challenging cruise and want to learn more, please feel free to email/call us. Contacts can be found HERE. We would be happy to chat with everyone and discuss or explain everything.
Finally, it should also be noted that although we try to objectively judge the difficulty from our knowledge of the environment or previous experience and all available information about the cruising area and we make every effort to prepare for it, the difficulties listed here are for all cruises without distinction for illustrative purposes only. Nature always has the final word, which can sometimes unexpectedly surprise us very pleasantly, but at other times fully test our abilities and endurance.