Expedition “To the Arctic by Sailboat 2019”

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After five long years of dreaming, planning and preparation, in 2019, we made a unique expedition with our sailing boat to the Arctic. We sailed through the Arctic Ocean and reached the Spitsbergen archipelago. We became the first Czech crew to do so in fibreglass sailboat. The entire expedition was focused on raising awareness of the pollution of the oceans by plastic and micro-plastics (which concentration we examined) and pointing out the impact of global warming and its effect on, not only local, ecosystem. More about the expedition HERE.


As a reward, we have many unforgettable experiences. We have been watching herds of fin whales counting several dozens to hundreds, leaping humpback whales, watching walruses in their natural environment, spent adrenaline night near the breaking wall of the glacier, long days with never-setting sun, but also demanding sailing in the harsh conditions of the Arctic Ocean, where we have not seen a sign of civilization for a few days and had to rely on each other and our abilities only, or the expeditions to the shore when we had to be wary of polar bears and many other experiences.


Many of these experiences are non-transferable by words, and they “have to be experienced” on your own. But through this photo gallery, we would like to share at least their visual part. If you like the photos and want to hear more, come to one of our lectures (or WRITE TO US and we will be happy to give you a talk). And if you would like to experience what we have, in 2021, we will set sails towards the realm of the midnight sun, glaciers and polar bears again! Join Us! More information HERE.