Along Norwegian coast beyond the Polar Circle

From the Royal City of Bergen, together onboard the sailboat Midnight Blue, we set sail towards Polar Circle into the realm of the midnight sun. Long passages, overcoming dreaded "Norwegian Cape Horn" and excursions to the most beautiful places of Norway's majestic west coast await us. During the cruise, you can look forward to visiting the famous city of Ålesund, well known for its Art Nouveau architecture and dried fish, as well as anchoring in deserted coves and islands that we will have just for ourselves. We will celebrate the Polar Circle crossing to enjoy the spectacular finale of a cruise in the beautiful Nordic nature surrounding the city of Bodø. We will sail by sailboat to the tongue of Norway's second-largest glacier, where we cool our drinks with thousands year old ice. If you are interested, we can try trek on tops of the granite massif of Seven Sisters with views of the surrounding Norwegian Sea with looming Lofoten islands in the distance. There is also a chance to spot some species of cetaceans, and the cruise will lead us through many bird reserves inhabited by cute puffins. And who knows, maybe we will meet even some troll somewhere 🙂


The sailing trip consists of several long, all-day crossings, including a few night crossings under the shine of midnight sun. Ideal for sailing enthusiasts or those who need to gain nautical miles to their sailing experience portfolio.



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