Relax and freediving in Saronic Gulf

Join on our favorite cruise in the Saronic Gulf and enjoy the perfect balance of sailing, freediving, and learning about history. In addition, we will add a famous Greek hospitality, the sun, and a lot of sailing experiences.


From Athens, we sail to the city of Epidaurus, where we visit the world-famous ancient Greek theater (do you remember from history lessons the phrase "and when you dropped the coin, it was heard at the top, in the last line"?) The next morning we will spend freediving in the waters of the "Turtle Island" and in good weather, we will unpack a floating drink-bar. On the way to the Methana peninsula, where we bathe in the thermal baths, we will snorkel in the sunken city. We can also visit the romantic island of Hydra, where they have decided to cancel all motorized vehicles and only mules and your own feet are used for transport. On the way back we will discover the abandoned remains of Poseidon's shrine on the island of Poros and we will also stop on the "pistachio" island of Aegina, where not only the well-preserved temple of the goddess Athena Achaia awaits us but also shopping of pistachios in any form (ice cream, shampoo, liqueur ...).


No previous experience with sailing needed.

Few photos from previous sailtrips