Do you love nature and want a holiday with a positive ecological footprint?

Join one of our Sail & Clean-UP cruises - Our heart project in sustainable traveling.


Together, we'll head out to the beautiful Hardangerfjord - the 3rd largest fjord in the world - to clean up plastic from one of its islands.

On the return cruise, we'll see the Folgefona glacier or sail to the waterfall. But most of all, we'll feel good that we've helped nature.


What is a Sail & Clean-Up cruise - the story of one visit to an island.


In 2020, after sailing to Norway, we had to spend 10 days of quarantine on the ship. We anchored on an uninhabited island in the middle of a fjord and waited for the period to end. It was a wonderful wait. Romantic anchorage, fishing, and beautiful scenery. Herons kept us company and the mornings and evenings were made more pleasant by baby foxes trying to drop our camera and chew the mooring lines. One day we went to the south side of the island. The image of paradise fell. Lots of plastic and other trash floating around. Imagining the foxes in it all, we decided we had to do something about it and clean up the island. Will you join us?

Photo gallery from places where we sail