Sail to volcanoes and sun

Sailing week, between the islands of the Greek god Aeolus, will be unforgettable! We will experience an extraordinary sailing in the waters which are still volcanic active. Together we will visit the island of Lipari with the turbulent history of penal colonies. We will take a look at the local architecture, which is dominated by a citadel with a Normandy cathedral from the 11th century. And as a souvenir, we will take world-famous local pumice. On the island of Vulcano, after which are named all volcanoes of the world, we walk through the local crater and after all day exploring fumaroles, we relax in the local sulfuric mud baths and thermal springs. On our way to the pearl of this trip, Stromboli volcano, we will stop at Panarea, an island so beautiful that even Nicolas Cage has a house here! However, the best experience of this expedition will be another island, Stromboli. Europe's most active volcano. With local guides, we will try to climb to the top, and under cover of a starry night, we will let enthral ourselves by glowing lava flowing down the mountainside into the sea and eruptions shining into the night. Sail with us and taste the power of nature!


During the entire voyage, we will gain energy from real Italian cuisine and fresh wind in sails!


This sailing trip is excellent for all those who like longer passages, combined with active sailing and discovering new places onshore.

Photo gallery from previous sail trip