Ski & Sail Noway

Did you think that sailing and skiing don't go together? Join one of our Ski & Sail expeditions and we'll prove otherwise. Norway, the cradle of skiing, is not only a country full of breathtaking scenery, but also a place with some of the best snow conditions in the world. And thanks to the sailboat, we'll have them all to ourselves!


Join us in turning the Midnight Blue into your own private mountain lodge. The only difference is that the boat will allow you to sail to the best powder and pure virgin slopes. You can expect a beautiful, liberating cruise through deep fjords, skiing expeditions with amazing views of glaciers, roaring waterfalls, sea fishing and much more. Non-skiers will also enjoy the cruise, for whom we can offer an alternative in the form of snowshoe tours.


Join us and experience something unique. Something that will stay in your mind forever!


A note on organization:


Although there are ski tours of various levels from the easiest to the technically difficult during the cruise, all hikes are at the participants' own risk. The skipper takes responsibility for the sailing portion of the trip only. We, therefore, recommend not to overestimate your skills and equipment. Basic skills of orientation in snowy terrain, possibly working with a map or mobile navigation and ski mountaineering skills are necessary.


If you wish, you can bring your own guide.


We will be happy to provide more information.


Photo gallery from places where we sail