Sail to natural wonders of the south Baltic

On Germany north borders lies an area full of coastal national parks, historical monuments (whether prehistoric, medieval or recent), excellent culinary specialties and wonderful yachting. Sail with us and discover the magical and often neglected part of the European coast of the southern Baltic from the deck of our sailboat Midnight Blue.


We will sail together from the town of Stralsund with the 3 largest oceanariums in Europe and numerous Gothic monuments. And then it only depends on what we want to experience and where the wind will take us. We can explore the iconic Dornbusch lighthouse surrounded by sand dunes or the chalk cliffs of Cape Arkona. For lovers of history, we offer a visit to the Viking monument Ales Stenar, the Viking village Foteviken or a visit to the museum of submarines, V2 missiles and other secret weapons from World War II.


In the case of free travel to Denmark, we can enrich the cruise by visiting the Bornholm island with the largest medieval fortress in northern Europe, the picturesque island of Christiansø with seal colonies, or the chalk cliffs of the island of Møn.


(The uniqueness of some of the places we visit is added by the fact that they are unavailable without a boat or the use of expensive ferries!)


None of the sights surpasses the experience of beautiful yachting, watching long sunsets from the deck and falling asleep to the sound of the sea and the play of the wind in the rigging.

Photo gallery from places where we sail