To whales of Lofoten

Have you ever dreamed of seeing whales in the wild? Join us on the sailing trip to Lofoten and Vesteralen islands to their sea kingdom. Together we will sail to places abundantly inhabited by killer whales, humpback whales, sperm whales and other kinds of these majestic cetaceans. But that is not all. The backdrop of our zoological expedition will be the spectacular and unrestrained Nordic nature. Mountain islands towering out of the sea, narrow fjords, white beaches, and all that in days that don't end. The play of shadows and the colors of the midnight sun will overwhelm the capacity of a memory card in your camera. Fishing in local rich waters is a matter of course. And it would be a sin not to embark onshore for an expedition to the local wilderness. This cruise is for everyone who loves everything Nordic marine nature and yachting can offer.


In case whales will be not spotted while sailing with our sailing boat, we will try to arrange whale safari running by some of the local companies and increased the chance of seeing some.


Few photos from places where we sail