Viking odyssey from Copenhagen to Bergen

Set sails with us on a discovery trip through the Kattegat, the Skagerrak and the North Sea places from where the Vikings sailed to explore the rest of Europe. On the way through the Kattegat, we will see the city of Helsingborg (Denmark) with a castle from Shakespeare's Hamlet and the Anholt island, where the northernmost desert of Europe is located and whose shores are abundantly inhabited by seals. Before we enter the North Sea and cross the dreaded Skagerrak, we will brace ourselves in the city of Skagen at the northernmost tip of Jutland peninsula. From there only Norway is waiting for us. We will enter this kingdom near the port of Kristiansand with its adjacent marine national parks. From here we will sail along the southwestern coast and follow the gradual change from the slightly rugged coastline to the dramatic scenes of the majestic walls of deep fjords. Before the final destination, the famous city of Bergen, we will, for example, visit Stavanger with its old cathedral or the town of Marilyn Monroe. In Bergen, the trip can be finished in style at one of the renowned local fish restaurants.


The sailing trip consists of several long, all-day crossings, including a few night crossings, with breaks at these destinations. Ideal for sailing enthusiasts or those who need to gain nautical miles to their sailing experience portfolio.


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