Traveling by sailboat is the safest way to travel in today's difficult times. And because, for us, sailors and adventurers, adapting to change while maintaining maximum safety is in the job description, we have prepared a new list of cruises and events for you for the upcoming summer of 2020.


Do you want to travel but don't want to meet dozens of strangers at the hotel? Do you want to go to the sea, but laying on a full beach or in plexiglass boxes is foreign to you?

Sailing is the solution to this year's dilemmas.


We have chosen all cruises to be accessible by private transport as possible, but at the same time to allow the maximum experience, relaxation and yachting. And as usual, focusing on the minimal environmental footprint of all trips is a natural thing to us.  You wake up in a new place every day and experience one great adventure.


So, which sail trip will be yours?


If you are attracted to other destinations, let us know HERE and we will prepare a tailor-made cruise to your favorite places.