On sails to the Arctic – Travel Talk

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We warmly invite you to our next screening and talk about our past expedition to Spitsbergen under the title "ON SAILS TO THE ARCTIC."

Come and listen to the story of one exceptional expedition by the 11-meter sailing boat through the Arctic Ocean to the shores of the Svalbard archipelago. We'll tell you how humpbacks jumped around us, how sailing under the rays of the midnight sun looks like, how we zigzagged between icebergs, navigated uncharted waters, but also about how we saved the whale from the floating net or how we collected plastic trash 500 miles from the North Pole. These are just a few of the many other experiences we'll share with you.


We will not only tell you about the expedition itself, but we will also talk about sustainability, the impact of human activity on the fragile ecosystem and how we all can be involved in protecting it.

The lecture will also include W O R K S H O P S on the following topics:
♻️ Do you want to sort trash but do not know how? We will advise you where it belongs.
🚿 You will try to make your own dry shampoo.
🐳 We will advise you on how to buy fish from sustainable farms.
There will be also a possibility to get an Expedition Sticker or but Recycle-picture from artefacts collected on the expedition or to join us for the next project.
Travel talk will be held in English languge. All photos will be with both Czech and English captions.
Please keep in mind that the lecture room has a limited capacity and therefore it is good to let us know in advance and book a seat for yourself and your friends!

Travel talk and workshops are carried out in close cooperation with the RespON organization focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Transformation.


The amount of admission is voluntary. We will be glad for every contribution. The proceeds from the travel talk will go to the costs associated with it (rental, transport, etc.). I case of bigger proceeds it will help us to buy, for example, ecological garbage bags for the boat or ecological antifreeze for the engine, etc., thus further reducing the ecological footprint of our sail trips.


You can confirm your reservation and contribute to the travel talk by using the following QR codes. After choosing how much you want to contribute, you simply take picture of the right QR code in your mobile banking or insert it into internet banking.




Will cover the talk expenses and contribute to reducing the ecological footprint.






This amount will help

cover arrangement

of the lecture.






This amount will help

partially cover arrangement

of the lecture.






For children, students and others who would like to come but have a restricted budget.



If you do not have the option to pay by mobile banking or do not want to pay using the Internet, you can use the services of the SMS Ticket service provider on link HERE. 

We are looking forward to see you!

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